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Helping leadership and teams to thrive

At TES we are passionate about the development of current and future leaders in our industry. This is why we have partnered with the Leading Well Group to offer the highest standards in leadership development, cultural facilitation and mentoring. We believe that to be at the leading edge means building on a strong groundwork of personal awareness, vitality and capability.

We offer: 


  • Leadership programs for emerging and middle leaders

  • Individual and Team Coaching

  • Individual Mentoring 

  • Company Culture assessments 

  • The Leadership Circle 360 assessments

  • Global Leadership Wellbeing Surveys (GLWS)

  • Systemic Leadership methodologies

  • Well@Work staff engagement and psychosocial assessments

Business Meeting
We cannot thank Turnkey Event Solutions enough for the huge difference they have made across our business. The professionalism, engagement and output is testament to the experience John and Dan brought in unlocking and maximizing our potential, with no doubt any event or exhibition company can only benefit from their input. We have been challenged, enthused and had a lot of fun throughout our journey together so far, while maybe most exciting is the fact that we have lots more growing to look forward to in the future, with no doubt Turnkey Event Solution will continue to play a pivotal role in our never ending evolution at Messe Frankfurt Middle East.

Ted Bloom, Chief Executive Officer

Messe Frankfurt Middle East


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