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Looking for
a Job?

If you are seeking to develop your career in the events industry, spanning event, exhibition and conference organisers, venues and suppliers, then we are your dedicated one-stop shop. 

What can candidates expect from TES Recruitment:


  • Experience. We have the experience to provide you with personalised career guidance

  • Honesty. We are dedicated to our industry and the talent within it 

  • We will save you time seeking out a position

  • We will reduce the angst that comes with searching for a new job

  • Interview tips

  • CV advice

  • Salary package advice

  • Career advice

  • Confidentiality

  • We will coach you through the process


We understand how important your career is.


We will always look at your long term aspirations and try to provide you with opportunities that allow you to develop and progress your knowledge, experience and salary, in a working environment that fits your culture and personality.

Please contact us today for a no-obligation discussion on how TES Recruitment can help you to accelerate your career in the events industry.

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