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About Us

Turnkey Event Solutions offers a unique suite of services to the Australasian event industry with an emphasis on supporting and developing leadership talent in our sector.

We support individuals and teams to develop their businesses, their events and themselves. We work hand in hand with our clients to help them realise their vision at a strategic and executional level.

We bring to the table over 60 years of international experience and connections across all facets of our industry with the primary aim of delivering outstanding, sustainable and integrated solutions. 

Our purpose is to provide leadership support and practical solutions to the event industry which unlock stakeholder value.

Our vision is to be Australia’s most trusted and valued provider of transformational business solutions to the event industry

Our values are:

  • Reliability - our stakeholders can rely on us to deliver

  • Integrity - our reputation means everything to us

  • Visionary - we bring a new perspective

  • Caring - we care for the people we work with 

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